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This season, let's focus on normalizing a lifestyle that puts JOY first. Whether you have health issues or relationships problems, anxiety or emotional trauma, the difficult challenges you're dealing with can be met and overcome in joy. 

I know firsthand that lifestyle matters. After an unexpected divorce, workplace stagnation, and life threatening cancer, I shut myself down and shut everyone else off. I began exploring small lifestyle changes, and discovered, bit by bit, that by making minor shifts in my lifestyle I soon felt the bubbles of joy return. I discovered that, although the world seemed bleak and miserable on the outside, when I looked closer at each moment I could break that moment open to discover the beauty inside.

I'm passionate about helping you design a lifestyle that nourishes your life's happiness, from clean supplements and household products to inspiring books and healing retreats. Explore some of the tiny changes you can make below - and don't forget, when you join The Joy Program you get a private consultation with me to map out your perfect joy lifestyle. 

Browse the lifestyle offerings that have made such a difference to my life. It is my greatest joy to share them with you! 

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Women Who Boss Up

If you have a vision for your lifestyle, then look forward to your dreams coming to fruition. As long as you keep moving forward, keep believing anything is possible, saying yes… and keep looking for the YES. Even when it feels a little overwhelming and you are doubting yourself, asking, “how am I going to do this?” Breathe… smile, then, say yes.

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Detox and nourish

I lost all my extra weight, revitalized my exhausted body, and fell back in love with my body. YES, nourishment does matter to joy. Join my Isagenix family and I will show you how.


Clean, toxin-free household products

As a cancer-warrior I know how important it is to live in a clean and healthful environment. Removing the toxins from my household and diet have been game-changers to my experience of joy. Join my Young Living family and I will walk you through the change.

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Menopause is not joke! 

Wether your body is naturally changing or like me-your drug-induced as part of my treatment plan-we all have to endure the life distrupting symptoms. 


Here are a few of my holistic non-drug, hormone-free tricks to support you in living your best life

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