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3 Signs You Need More Happiness in Your Workspace

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Improving business productivity usually involves upgrading workflow software and investing in different apps or processes. Sometimes you need to have hard conversations with certain team members failing to meet your production metrics. We throw out terms like "performance improvement plan."

Just one problem: These systems don't address motivation, a critical component behind productivity. Motivation has a key ingredient: happiness!

Yes, happiness is the secret to hacking productivity across your team. A happy team is likelier to be more energized, more creative, and get more work done. Their infectious attitude can translate into better work and customer service that, in turn, inspires customer loyalty.

Here are 3 signs that it's time for you to bring JOY into your workplace and ignite the true motivation your people have for working for you:

  1. 79% of people leave their work because they don't feel appreciated. If you are noticing a lack of appreciation from your team, there's a chance they're feeling that from you.

  2. Happiness creates a strong employee culture. If you're noticing that there is much of a community among your team members, then it's time to foster a joyful culture.

  3. High morale boosts your creativity and team collaboration. Your employees will be more engaging with clients, which leads to more satisfied customers. If you're noticing a decline in client engagement, then you need to cultivate excitement among your team members.