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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I’m passionate about supporting you in rediscovering the exuberant joy that is waiting for you in life! For the last few years I’ve supported clients in completely turning around their #healthandwellness, #career, #spirituality and #relationships, and I especially love to empower women who feel exhausted and like nothing even doesn't matter any more.

Because I know there's a way back to joy.

I went through traumatic life events that defined me: an unexpected #divorce, I was overlooked for the next big promotion I worked countless hours for, and if that isn’t enough, I had a major health scare where I faced my mortality at 40. I thought I wasn’t going to live out my dreams.

I was diagnosed with #breastcancer and my world was turned upside down. You see, at one time I was a tumor expert and trained Pathologist Assistant. Working the front lines in getting patients their diagnosis. After years of helping others, a few short years ago, the tables were turned, and I had my own challenges.

I was diagnosed with several masses and I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t make it. I was angry. I was confused. I did everything right! I was in the best shape of my life, doing and eating all of the right things. I was a workaholic who buried herself in a high stress, fast-paced, working too many hours in the Cancer Center. I slowly found myself shutting down and shutting off from everyone around me.

Does this sound familiar? Can you relate?

I began exploring small #lifestyle changes, and discovered, bit by bit, that by making minor shifts in my lifestyle I soon felt the bubbles of joy return. I discovered that, although the world seemed bleak and miserable on the outside, when I looked closer at each moment I could break that moment open to discover the beauty inside.

That's why I've chosen the geode crystal to represent The Joy Program. This program is a simple but powerful coaching experience that helps you introduce these small lifestyle changes to experience a big shift in your life's joy.

Click through below to explore #thejoyprogram. It is my greatest joy to share it with you!

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